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Beautiful Wooden Board Games Handcrafted with Care

All of our wooden board games are created by hand right here in Texas. We only use the finest materials to construct our game and pride ourselves with the quality in which we create these beautiful game tables.

Every Lucky Pucks™ game board is unique. Our product is handcrafted and customized to the owner’s liking. Each game board plays a bit differently. This makes the game challenging! You may play your board with ease and confidence, but your buddy’s board may be tough!

In the beginning, we wanted our client’s to have the ability to store the board with minimal interference of life and space. Thus, the Classic board was born. Soon after, we found that people were interested in a game table with legs so it could be taken with them indoors to outdoors to in the car. We added a perfect party and transportable game board with legs known as the Tailgater. A bit more time passed, and we began receiving requests for a permanent furniture piece that would be suitable for a game room or an office. We came up the Cadillac of Lucky Pucks, the Premier Pucker.

Wooden bar game, Lucky Pucks, with custom graphics

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The Premier Pucker

Price: Starting at $750

This is the Cadillac of Lucky Pucks™. Enjoy a custom-made furniture piece for your home or game room. The game board can be flipped over and you will have a buffet table. Cool, functional and takes up minimal space – just 8 square feet.

The Tailgater

Price: $450

Our “on the go” version sits on folding legs and makes a great addition to a patio, tailgating event or party.

Measuring 8 square feet, it will fit in your car, too!

The Classic

Price: $325

The original game board can be placed on any hard surface and played for hours of fun! The classic board is easy to move, store and transport. 8 square feet in size.

Need extra pucks?

Our high-quality wooden pucks stand up to countless hours of play, but we know that life happens sometimes. Please contact us to order replacement or additional pucks.

10 pucks = $10

20 pucks = $15

Full set (30 pucks) = $25